Set the Perfect Mood with Perfect Settings Tableware

Set the Perfect Mood with Perfect Settings Tableware

Love is in the air. Or is that just the scent of deliciously fluffy pancakes? This February, discover how Perfect Settings Tableware™ can help you celebrate Valentine’s and National Pancake Day.

February is for lovers! On February 14th, cupid will shower his sweetness over the day and just 7 days after, on February 21st, pancake lovers everywhere can celebrate their fave food on National Pancake Day! Whether you’re ordering in or cooking from scratch, we’ve got the tableware you need to accommodate anything you’ve got planned for these two holidays.

Continue reading to learn more about the origin of these holidays and fun ways to celebrate.  Check out the receipe for these pancakes.

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

The name derives from a Saint Valentine, believed to be not an actual person but a character “created from a combination of Catholic Church saints and martyrs who lived in Ancient Rome'' (Calendarr).

Celebrations as we know it today date back to a Roman festival: Lupercalia. This festival often occurred in mid-February, and because of its pagan influences, Pope Gelasius I changed the name to St. Valentine’s. Appreciated by many (and dreaded by some), Valentine’s Day is a day where gifts are exchanged, feelings are revealed or loved ones are appreciated.

But no holiday as sweet as this is complete without equally sweet food to match! Whether you’re single or coupled-up, you can delight in sweets, chocolates and bakery goods. This is also the  perfect holiday to try delicious wines, rosés or fun mixed drinks. For all your boozy bevys, check out our clear, plastic disposable plastic cups—they come in a beautiful gold swirl or fun polka dot pattern!

Why do we celebrate National Pancake Day?

Like Valentine’s Day, National Pancake Day has religious connotations. According to, “Throughout history, the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday marked the beginning of fasting before Easter, when milk and egg products were forbidden. To use up all the ingredients, household cooks traditionally made heaping stacks of pancakes…” Major restaurant chains like IHOP continue this tradition, doling out free pancakes on National Pancake Day with the goal of raising awareness and money for charity.

If you’re planning on celebrating this delicious holiday from the coziness of your own home, try sprucing up the family pancake recipe: experiment with new flavors and try mixing in chocolates, nuts or fruit to your batter. No matter the final result, you can count on spending less time scrubbing batter off your plates, and more time with your family and friends.

For all your holiday needs, forget running to the party store and fall in love with our high-quality, recyclable clear dinnerware—delivered straight to your door and guaranteed to make you smile. 


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