Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day

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When you hear “St. Patrick’s Day,” what immediately comes to mind? It’s likely the color green and 4-leaf clovers. But before these qualities became widely associated with the holiday, St. Patrick’s Day (which is celebrated on March 17) began like most other popular holidays: as a commemoration of a historical (often religious) figure.

Before you get green with excitement about all the ways you can celebrate on this lucky day (keep reading for a surprise recipe!), let’s dive into why we celebrate this holiday.

The Origin: St. Patrick’s Day

According to Time, “The March 17 celebration started in 1631 when the Church established a Feast Day honoring St. Patrick. He had been the Patron Saint of Ireland who had died around the fifth century—a whopping 12 centuries before the modern version of the holiday was first observed. But very little is known about who he actually was…” In addition, it took another couple of centuries for the holiday to turn into a day of festivities as we know it today: by the 18th century, St. Patrick’s Day became a reprieve for Christians celebrating lent, giving them a day off to celebrate with their friends and neighbors during a time of abstinence.

How You Can Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Whether you’re hitting a St. Patrick’s Day parade near you or staying indoors to enjoy cold beverages with your friends and family, you’re bound to dig into something delicious (and maybe green!) If you’re getting your cooking on, check out this delicious recipe for St. Patrick’s Secret Shamrock Chocolate Bundt Cake by The Baking Fairy. HERE.

You can also try out your baking skills on St. Patrick’s Day, like baking and decorating shamrock cookies, hitting up your favorite fast food joint for a festive drink or doing something different like hunting for that lucky four-leaf clover!

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